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You don’t think about scones very often.

But when you do, you like to think of them with hot dogs baked inside.

At least you will once you get a load of Scone City, a Wicker Park pastry shop that’s ready to shake some life into the moribund British pastry industry, opening Wednesday. (This is your slideshow and this is your menu.)

Ah, the humble scone. It ranks only behind the crumpet and the tea sandwich in The Big Book of English-Breakfast-y-Type Things. But alas, it’s begging for a little razzmatazz. And we don’t throw words like “razzmatazz” around lightly.

This place sees your dollops of cream and your thick drizzles of lemon glaze. Then it raises you things like pepperoni pizza scones, serrano-pepper-and-chorizo scones and poppy-seed-mustard scones stuffed with hot dogs.

So now you have a sunny place for an espresso and all of those other things on your way to work. And the back lounge is stocked with slinky lounge furniture and contemporary art, which lends itself nicely to productive afternoons with your laptop, a ricotta-and-herb scone and a hot cup of tea.

Give or take being productive.

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