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A Series of Very Sporty Coffee-Table Books

Today, the winds of spring bring you tales of the stylish pursuits of sporting humans. They bring you hope. They bring you... a new coffee-table book series filled with interesting people doing interesting things in the fields of tennis, golf, soccer and yachting. That got too involved.

This Could Get Leisurely

This Could Get Leisurely

The tome: A pictorial odyssey through some of the most prestigious clubhouses and golf courses in the world, both past and present. Knickers. Respectable amount of those, too.
Highlights: JFK on a golf cart with about 972 children; a diamond-encrusted golf ball; JFK doing other things.

You Don’t Play Tennis, You Feel Tennis

You Don’t Play Tennis, You <em>Feel</em> Tennis

The tome: You just finished your first mimosa. You step onto a clay court, say something cordial and adjust your headband. Then you play tennis if there’s time. That’s this book.
Highlights: Woody Allen hanging out with a tennis racket; Chris Evert being a good loser; a very headband-forward Björn Borg.

Of Course Soccer Is in Here

Of Course Soccer Is in Here

The tome: It’s about the soccer kind of football. But if you’re not a fan, you’re in a safe place here. It’s mostly pictures of fetching people doing things that are neat.
Highlights: A Hamburg fan crying while wearing a stupid hat with soccer balls on it; a little Mick Jagger; a lot of WAGs.

Big Boats. Fancy People. Win-Win.

Big Boats. Fancy People. Win-Win.

The tome: Well, this is a book that glorifies the sh*t out of yachts and all the excess that goes along with them. We didn’t think you’d mind.
Highlights: Charles and Diana on the royal yacht; Grace Kelly holding a poodle on her way to Monaco; less Leo than you were expecting.

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