Truffle Bar Pop-Up at Eataly

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A Pop-Up Truffle Bar in Eataly

None Ah, spring.

When a young heart’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of truffles.

And love, we guess. Maybe the Cubs.

But mostly truffles.

So fancy this: the Truffle Bar Pop-Up at Eataly, a first-of-its-kind fleeting fantasy dedicated to indulging your passion for Italian tubers, opening Monday in River North.

We’ve been sensing your pent-up desire to visit the Tuscan countryside with a truffle-sniffing dog and scour the ground for something delicious to eat. But since someone has already done that for you, just come here instead.

The 12-seat Mozzarella Lab station in the central piazza has been transformed into your new off-site workspace. It’s a simple setup. The kind of place you and a coworker can discuss, oh, best practices or sales projections or whatever it is two colleagues talk about between bites of truffle-honey-drizzled cheeses.

The menu is a short-and-sweet nine items—crostini, crudos, tagliatelle—all enhanced with the magic of a changing variety of freshly foraged truffles. And if you need a brut rosé sparkling wine or an earthy Italian red, you’ll find some conveniently suggested pairings.

It’s like they know those things go with truffles.

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