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A Beachy Hotel Above the Laguna Surf

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Long, hot weekend that was.

Can’t help but think you’d really enjoy a charming little surf shack by the beach for the next one.

Or for tonight.

Okay, here.

Not a second too soon, it’s Laguna Beach House, a breezy new cliffside hotel with surfboards just everywhere—it’s now open. (See the slideshow.)

Perfect place to bring someone for a leisurely, not-too-serious weekend. You’ll want one of the sea-view suites that have that crisp, white-shuttered bungalow look that always tends to work pretty well when sand’s nearby. Expect a surfboard over the bed (for beach vibe) and a skateboard in the bathroom (for... towels).

Main Beach is right down some stairs a block away, and those same over-bed boards are sold and rented out of the lobby. So you’ll want to be out there surfing or paddleboarding or just sitting on the sand contemplating a boundless blue eternity. Whoa.

Eventually, some irresistible force will pull you back to the property. Right, it’s wine. Californian stuff offered nightly in the lobby. Take them up on that. Then wind your way through the gardens and find the fire pit by the pool. Or go walk to a Mexican restaurant in town.

They only have good options around here.


Laguna Beach House
475 N Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA, 92651


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