Strings Attached

The Triumphant March of Ramen Continues

None 12 Photos Strings Ramen Lincoln Park and Grasswood
You’re right. This city has enough attractive ramen joints.

What it needs: attractive ramen joints with late-night DJs and attached teahouses.

Yep. Those.

Good thing Strings Ramen Lincoln Park (pictured left) and Grasswood are about to exist. The first one’s the ramen part, the second one’s the teahouse part, and they’re both hoping to open a week from today.

Two places. One roof. Let’s explore:

Grasswood’s outfitted with sexy black couches and clear acrylic chairs. And it’s got tea, so relax. Oolong the night away. Or just continue down the hall guided by paper lanterns...

Now you’re in Strings. Yes, it’s a sibling to the one in Chinatown, whose savory broth has earned your love and whose ghost pepper jigoku version has earned your respect. If you’re in a gyoza mood, lucky you. If you’re in a beer or champagne mood, well... bring them. It’s opening BYOB.

Downstairs: a wood-paneled sanctuary with lots of hanging plants and hidden nooks for you to slurp yourself silly before catching a show at the Steppenwolf. If you’re looking for a bite and a place to unwind at the tail end of a Saturday night, they’ll have a house DJ on hand for such requirements.

Oh, good. You brought champagne.

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