The Angry Crab

Shell Station

A BYOB Crab Dive in West Rogers Park

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One day, you’ll throw all these petty Monday worries aside and cast your fate upon the open sea.

As for today, just put a bib on and start knocking the hell out of some crabs.

Say ahoy to The Angry Crab, a boisterous little BYOB seafood shanty that’s now open in West Rogers Park. (Here’s the slideshow.)

It’s tucked away amid a stretch of Lincoln Avenue storefronts, so you might not even know this place was there if you were walking by. But look inside that window. Those are graffiti-scribbled walls and those are crab traps repurposed as light fixtures. Congratulations, you’re in the right place.

And hey, you brought a six-pack. Good thinking. Now take it over to a table and start ordering things by the pound—crawfish, whole shrimp, clams, oysters, blue crabs, king or snow crab legs, Dungeness crabs.

Soon, you’ll find yourself wearing a bib while a server brings you a plastic bag full of shellfish. Open it. Go to town. Start cracking everything in sight.

But before you leave, make sure you take a marker from the table and sign your name on the wall.

The world should always know when you eat from plastic bags.


The Angry Crab
5665 N Lincoln Ave
(at Washtenaw)
Chicago, IL 60659


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