Bay Skate Miami

Skate Is Enough

The City’s First Outdoor Skating Rink

None And you thought your skates had seen their last strobe light.


Roll on over to Bay Skate Miami, an outdoor pop-up roller rink with lights, DJs and a whole mess of skates, taking place tomorrow (and then monthly) at Bayfront Park.

Two words: Hot Wheels. You remember. That classic rink down south you frequented in fifth grade with the freestyle skates. The Stevie B. That guy who felt it necessary to skate in those purple Cavariccis. We’ll let you marinate with those visuals.


Now take the whole thing and plop it into Bayfront Park. That’s this.

As you might’ve guessed, this is the brainchild of two Miami natives. They missed the days of skating yore and decided to bring them back. So they’ve invited a few freestyle-spinning DJs to set the mood along with Monie Love (seriously).

Your plan of action is as follows:

Today: let your old-school skate crew know there’s a reunion afoot.

Tomorrow night: rent a pair of skates from the booth. Grab some sustenance and alcoholic libations from the surrounding food trucks. Then prepare for skating glory.

Or just roll around the track for a while.


Bay Skate Miami
at Bayfront Park
301 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, 33132

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