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Two Levels of You Getting Italian

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Now there’s a guy who knew a thing or two about lasagna. And Mondays.

He’d love this place.

You two have that in common.

It’s Gelso & Grand, a bi-level giant of Italian sustenance and the occasional group dinner. She opens this weekend in Little Italy, and she’s bringing free-form eggplant lasagna.

This may look familiar to you. It was the Italian Food Center. Now it’s just an Italian food center. The setup hasn’t changed drastically, which is good, because it was a damn handsome setup.

But everything else has changed. For one, it’s got a chef who comes by way of Momofuku and Bouley, who’s doing stuff like squid-ink risotto, free-form lasagna and a pretty mean-looking skirt steak, all of which you’ll see in the slideshow.

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