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Chicago Pride

Steaks, Seafood and Alpana Singh on Michigan

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“It’s too cold outside,” you said.

“I’m just staying in tonight,” you said.

“Yep,” you said. “Staying in.”

Then we said, “Hey, Seven Lions, Alpana Singh’s glorious new enterprise on Michigan Avenue, is now open.”

Then you said, “Forget what I just said.”

Now that that little scene has played itself out, let’s get down to it.

The esteemable Ms. Singh and company have gone all in here, turning the first floor of a Daniel Burnham–designed building across from the Art Institute into your new clubhouse. Think of it as Boarding House’s more laid-back brother, replete with leather chairs in the tavern, crystal chandeliers and a thing for black-and-white bison photography.

Then think of what you can do with something like that:

—Pop in for an easy chicken-and-duck club sandwich at the bar at lunch.

—Schmooze after work in the tavern over American Gothic Daiquiris and crispy chicken skins while catching a Bulls game.

—Power through expense account dinners with blue-cheese-crusted ribeyes and seafood towers.

—Brunch yourself silly alongside bacon-and-chocolate-chip pancakes.

—Pregame the symphony with a glass of champagne, and postgame it with Bourbon Banana Splits.

They’re like the Gatorades of the symphony.

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