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Ramen, Whiskey and Wu-Tang in Wicker Park

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Tomorrow belongs to a flying, weapon-wielding baby.

Live it up, Cupid. This is your time.

But Wednesday... Wednesday belongs to warm ramen and neat whiskey.

Because that’s when Furious Spoon flings open its doors in Wicker Park and begins ladling out its savory broths and Japanese whiskeys in astonishing measures.

Shin Thompson’s putting his name on this venture. You’ll figure that out pretty quickly. Mostly because it’s literally right there on the window.

But in addition to being a big-deal chef himself, his grandfather ran a ramen shop in Japan in the ’60s. So this is family tradition. Important when broth is involved.

You’ll order at the counter, and your options get right to the point. There are four kinds of ramen on the menu—soy, miso, vegetarian and the house special, which is made with pork cheek, belly and brisket. Throw in an order of gyoza and some whiskey, and you’re ready to take a seat.

But before you do, be aware of two things: 1) Those long tables and those low stools at the bar used to be beams in a Michigan church. 2) You’ll be listening to Wu-Tang and the Notorious B.I.G. here quite loudly.

Number 2 feels slightly more significant.


Furious Spoon
1571 N Milwaukee Ave
(at North)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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