Moonshine 152

Fly Me to the Moonshine

Pork-Fat Popcorn and Moonshine in Southie

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Franklin Southie’s gone.

Fin. Kaput. Donezo.

And you know what... you’re going to be okay with that.

Because now it’s Moonshine 152, an anything-goes realm of kimchi backs and late-night (you guessed it) moonshine cocktails, hoping to open next week in South Boston. (Here’s the slideshow.)

It’s not unrecognizable. The black tables and booths remain, as does the laid-back, neighborhood-y feel. But where there once was a mounted wall mirror, there are now hanging shelves of flora. Where there once were banquettes, there is now an open kitchen. Where there once was not whiskey kimchi backs and pork-fat popcorn... yes.

See, the outgoing chef from Sam’s is running the show now. So now you have a place to count on for boar shoulder stroganoff and apple-washed moonshine cocktails with cinnamon syrup, lemon and cider. Gin. They have gin, too.

But know these two facts: 1) the kitchen’s open until 1:30am every night, and 2) there’s a serious late-night menu (and here it is now).

Information that may come in handy on a not-too-distant evening when you’re in need of desperate sustenance in the form of dirty fried rice with Chinese sausage, pickles, scrambled egg and duck liver.

Just as the duck liver prophets foretold.

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