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Michael Taus Built You a New Date Fortress

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We’re not here to sugarcoat it.

Time’s running out. You’re in deep. There’s no way out. Better call in a pro.

A pro with butter-poached lobster.

Oh, look. Here’s one now called Taus Authentic, a cushy new wining-and-dining situation ready for all your impending canoodling needs, opening tomorrow in Wicker Park. (The slideshow’s here.)

Yes, Taus as in Michael Taus. As in the heralded chef of Zealous fame. As in butter-poached lobster with braised-oxtail ravioli, Korean pancakes with pan-seared fluke, late-night ramen dinners and a damn good burger. You thought he sounded familiar.

At first you’ll feel like you’ve walked into some leather magnate’s private study. One with soft couches, fireplaces, artwork and a long bar right in the middle of it all. You’d be more than welcome to spend the evening there drinking champagne and slurping oysters.

But first, see your way into the dining room, where Eames-style chairs, long communal tables and subway-tiled walls await. Though... you’ll also find a little nook in the back that you should keep in mind for more discreet occasions. It seats six.

“Discreet” is such a relative word.


Taus Authentic
1846 W Division St
(at Marion)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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