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Your Laptop Just Got Pretty Hands-Free

None Quick, wave your finger around in front of your laptop.


Yeah, that did nothing.

Hold on a minute, though. Download this app called ControlAir that just became available for Mac.

Okay, now try it again.

Hey, that time it let you control iTunes, Spotify, Netflix and a bunch of other sites. Big day. Really big day for fingers.

This works through your computer’s camera. And since you’ll be doing things like randomly swiping your index finger left and right to change songs and making the “shush” gesture to mute them, you’ll probably want to reserve it for home use. Otherwise you might look stupid.

You might look stupid otherwise.

Anyway, there you were, asking us for a few examples as to how you’d ever use such a thing...

—Maybe you’re playing chess and can’t get to the computer to cue Larry Greene’s 1987 power anthem “Take It Higher.” (We may be thinking of Over the Top.)

—Maybe you’re preparing some monkfish and don’t want to get monkfish all over your keyboard.

—Maybe your computer is all the way over there and you’re already comfortable.

Maybe the future is a total enabler.

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