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A New Comfort Food Bastion in Lincoln Square

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You’ve shoveled. You’ve slogged. You’ve salted.

And now you look like you could use a hug.

But... how about this instead:

Rest your head in the warm bosom of Luella’s Southern Kitchen, a homey new BYOB here to give you the down-home feast you so richly deserve, opening today in Lincoln Square.

You’ve probably been thinking a lot about the South lately. What with Harper Lee’s second book coming out. And how it’s like 72 degrees there right now. And seeing as how we just mentioned it like three sentences ago.

The namesake is the great-grandmother of the owner, a chef who’s worked in hotel kitchens but has since decided to bring some of Luella’s recipes into modern-day Chicago.

So you’re getting, yes, your gumbos, your catfish tacos, your shrimp and grits, your big brunches at a long table filled with bananas foster pancakes, chicory-coffee french toast and beignet sundaes. There’s some kale somewhere on the menu, too. Moving on...

The room itself is pretty simple—blue ceiling, few tables, wood-planked walls featuring prints from Ernie Barnes, a pro football player turned artist whose work you’ve seen on Good Times playing the role of Jimmy Walker’s artwork.

Please refrain from any unnecessary “Dyn-o-Mites.”


Luella’s Southern Kitchen
4609 N Lincoln Ave
(at Wilson)
Chicago, IL, 60625


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