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For Whom the ’Vell Tolls

A Tiny, Beautiful Hotel over Covell

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You’re waking up with somebody great, and you’ve got a plan.

Get some sun. Bask in the view of the Hollywood Hills. Eat breakfast tacos.

Then maybe get out of bed and go somewhere.

Welcome to Hotel Covell, a charming new cluster of suites torn straight from some lost Wes Anderson flick, opening today above the famous Los Feliz wine bar.

They’ve got breakfast taco room service in the morning, Covell room service at night and—well, here are the important stats. (And here’s the slideshow.)

Number of suites inside: 5

Era the building hails from: 1930s

Golden doors on Hollywood Boulevard letting you inside and upstairs: 1

Telegraph Hill robes in every suite: 2

Suite most resembling a mid-century New York bachelor pad: #2

Hours you can get HomeState’s egg-and-brisket tacos from room service: 8am to 3pm

Hours you can get Covell food and wine from room service: 5pm to midnight

Suite that feels the most... Parisian-mistress-y: #3

Suite with a built-in bar: #3

Suite boasting the bay window with Griffith Observatory views: guess

Enticing patios out back: 1

Odds that your “Do Not Disturb” sign will be made of leather: 100%

Bottles of on-the-house wine from Covell you’ll find in your suite: 1

Bottles of wine you’ll find just downstairs: um, a lot more


Hotel Covell
4626 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027


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