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Shaved-Ice Cocktails. Meat. Portage Park.

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But first, a word from Chicago’s sponsors.


Okay, now that it’s settled that it’s blah outside...

Step inside Community Tavern, a French-leaning steakhouse specializing in good drinks, good conversation and good... steak, opening Thursday in Portage Park. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

Depending on your company, a few different plays make sense here.

If you’re with a small group.
See that rustic communal table under the crystal chandelier? Go there. Go there with a Fernet Daiquiri in your hand and a basketful of chicharrón-like fried duck skins in your heart.

If you’re with a private party.
Make for the back room. It’s got regal chairs. Fancy wallpaper. Doors that seal the space off from the rest of the restaurant (thereby serving the primary function of doors). Oh, and a monolithic smorgasbord of lobster, oysters, crab legs, shrimp and tuna crudo they call the Community Tower. Which you’ll call the “Holy Sh*t.”

If you’re with a date.
Slide into a cozy velvet banquette with a bourbon-Chinotto-and-shaved-ice number and their specialty ribeye, dry-aged in-house for up to three weeks. If it’s February 14, wisely raise a Valentine’s Day toast.

If it isn’t, phew.

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