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Not Listening to Bad Music, Now Easier

None Things overheard at your last party:

“The rugs appear to be Turkish.”

“Excellent garlic-to-lime ratio in this guac.”

“Easy on the Candlebox.”

About that last one: looks like you may need Denied, a new web app that tracks what you listen to on iTunes, Rdio and Spotify and automatically skips certain songs and artists based on a bunch of customized filters that you set, now available for Mac.

Think of what you don’t like, tell this thing what you don’t like, turn on your music and enjoy only good things. That’s how it works. More specifically:

1) Download and install the app on your Mac. No other choice here.

2) Over time, it gets to know your listening habits. This happens automatically.

3) Use the customizable filters to avoid the stuff that’s, well... total sh*t. That part’s subjective.

So let’s say (hypothetically, of course) you don’t want a conga line breaking out. Your filter would be “Album” “equal to” “Gloria Estefan’s Greatest Hits.” Or perhaps you want to ensure that some things never make their way into your home. You would select “Artist” “starts with” “Puddle of Mudd.”

Sorry, Puddle of Mudd.

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