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It’s Like Swim Week All Over Again

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Bad news: Swim Week is still six months away.

Good news: the inaugural International Swim Fashion Week is happening February 19 to 22 in Curaçao. Which should be fun. Because it means scads of celebratory bubbly and bikini-sporting models frolicking about. (See the slideshow.)

We see you still have a few questions. Great. Let’s hear them.

Is this just like the Swim Week that comes to town in July?
Not quite. Some big sponsorship names are missing, but don’t worry—the essentials are still there.

And those would be...?
Runway shows with models wearing suits from around the globe, cocktail parties, pop-up shops and beach barbecues. Yep, just like home.

Am I too late to jump on this spandex-bearing train?
Nope. You can still book a stay at the resort hosting the festivities. It’s got multiple pools overlooking the Caribbean and a spa. Great base camp. Also, don’t ever use “spandex-bearing train” again.

But will I be spending half my day on a plane?
Nah, they’re only three hours away. We’re practically neighbors.

And hey... love thy neighbor.


International Swim Fashion Week
at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
Porta Blancu, Nieuwpoort
official website


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