Aztech Empire

Jackets and Pants for Skiing and Not Skiing

None Yesterday’s forecast: cold.

Tomorrow’s forecast: still cold.


Actually, we’re not sorry. Actually, you’re welcome.

Because we’ve just given you two more reasons to don something from Aztech Mountain, a rather aesthetically pleasing new selection of ski and après-ski gear that makes down jackets and Italian jersey pants and you look better, available online now.

It all started with a guy who grew up in Aspen and went off to work for Marc Jacobs. It all ended with a bunch of snow-appropriate outerwear made in Italy’s finest factories using technologically advanced fabrics.

Translation: draping yourself with such finery bodes well.

And on the off chance you need a little inspiration, here are a handful of scenarios paired with a handful of items to give you a better feel for how you’ll deploy them...

On the slopes/on a coffee run: The motorcycle-inspired trekking pants, which are tapered at the bottom and don’t look not-great.

Hiking up a mountain/hiking up some stairs: The reversible nylon-to-fleece crossover jacket.

Building a fire/building cocktails by the fire: The four-way-stretch, waterproof wool stealth vest.

Stealth vests. You really don’t wear enough stealth vests.

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