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Much Ramen and Many Bento Boxes in the Loop

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Three rules for winter weather preparedness:

1) Make an emergency kit.
2) Pack extra-warm socks in your briefcase.
3) Always—and we can’t stress this part enough—know where the nearest steaming bowl of ramen is.

Might we suggest looking no further than East Asian Bistro, a new bastion of sushi, noodles and other delicious things from distant shores, opening Wednesday in the Loop. (The slideshow’s here and the menu’s here.)

This replaces My Thai in the DePaul Center. It was a good run, My Thai. But alas, the Hot Woks Cool Sushi folks saw the future, and the lunches of tomorrow will have more General Tso chicken wings, bento boxes and salmon-belly maki in them.

And they’ve spruced up the place by adding a moody gray wall, some wavy ceiling panels and just enough brightly painted woks on the wall to let you know they mean business. They painted woks, people.

What this all means for you: just a good solid option for a quick solo bento box, something dim-sum-ish with colleagues, or a casual pit stop for a hot bowl of Ribs & Ramen on your way home.

It’s like they knew it would snow this winter.

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