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Tiger. Steve Martin. Buy Their Houses.

Greatness isn’t always easy to achieve. You’ve really got to earn it by doing something, well, pretty great. Like winning an Oscar. Or winning 79 PGA tournaments. But if all else fails, you can always just buy or rent one of these houses that belonged to someone great. That’s a possibility.

Tiger Woods’s Swedish Island

Tiger Woods’s Swedish Island

Asking price: $5,538,000.
The digs: A 61-acre island, complete with villa and hunting lodge, where Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren spent their days before... well, before.
The extras: A protected quay, a personal ferry boat, horse stables and six driving tees. Of course.
What you’ll do here: Whatever you please—just don’t leave your phone unattended.

The Beatles’ 1964 Bachelor Pad

The Beatles’ 1964 Bachelor Pad

Asking price: $3,454,000.
The digs: A three-bedroom, mid-century flat in Knightsbridge that became Ringo and George’s hideaway during the peak of Beatlemania.
The extras: A spacious balcony, plus the lingering aura of Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Judy Garland, who all hung out here.
What you’ll do here: Welcome your hordes of admirers.

Steve Martin’s St. Barts Home

Steve Martin’s St. Barts Home

Asking price: $8,242,500.
The digs: A four-bedroom villa situated high in the hills. Oh, and what’s that out the windows? Just a 180-degree panorama of the big blue Caribbean.
The extras: Multiple terraces, your own tropical garden, a Balinese-style gazebo and a two-tiered infinity pool.
What you’ll do here: Strum on the banjo. Act out your favorite scene from The Jerk.

Lord Attenborough’s Isle of Bute House

Lord Attenborough’s Isle of Bute House

Asking price: It’s not for sale, but you can rent it for $1,350 a week. Piggy-bank change.
The digs: There are two parts to this place—the magnificent Victorian house, and its neighboring three-bedroom cottage. They both sit on a nature reserve near Rothesay Castle and Bute Museum. They’re significant, like most castles and museums.
The extras: Victorian baths, game rooms and a bunch of framed Charlie Chaplin posters. It’s a staple in every movie director’s house.
What you’ll do here: Storyboard your latest screenplay.

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