The Screening Room at the London West Hollywood

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Three Ways to Use the London’s New Screening Room

None Ah, the day after the Golden Globes.

Lots of famous heads need some aspirin.

And lots of Oscar hopefuls really need a buzzy new place for an emergency screening. Next to a bar.

Lights up on The Screening Room at the London West Hollywood, a high-tech new theater right off the lobby that’s good for industry screenings... or maybe you just want to watch a movie in style. It’s now available to book. Here’s how you’ll use it.

1. Oscar campaigning.
Here’s a state-of-the-art theater that’ll fit 110 of your industry “friends.” There’s a 20-foot screen, Dolby digital, surround sound and 3D capabilities, plus a private elevator from the garage. And satellite live-streaming. Because Bradley Cooper “really wanted to be there,” but...

2. Indie screenings.
You or someone you know needs to generate excitement around an eccentric director’s (dull) new art house flick. Just gather all your influential viewers in the adjacent Jewel Bar and get them full of cocktails before showtime.

3. Two words: Goonies party.
No reason you couldn’t rent this thing out for a movie night with some friends. The Goonies isn’t mandated viewing or anything, but you can design a custom drink menu for the occasion.

And you’ve already got some pretty good ideas for drink names.


The Screening Room at the London West Hollywood
1020 N San Vicente Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

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