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Bukowski Tavern Rides Again

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Here’s a Charles Bukowski quote about drinking:

“Stay with the beer. Beer is...”

Actually, no.

Let’s just celebrate the triumphant return of Bukowski Tavern instead. It’s an exceptionally well-stocked beer bar celebrating that laureate of American... something, and it’s soft-opening tonight.

It closed in July. But now it’s back with Brian Poe leading the charge. Here’s the before and after:

Then: A diner-ish saloon with a wooden bar and a wall mural celebrating Sir Bukowski himself.
Now: Total do-over, from the floors and tables to the retro stainless-steel bar (here’s the slideshow). You may still recognize a certain mural, only now it’s above the bar.

Then: Down and dirty bar food like peanut butter burgers and their infamous White Trash cheese dip.
Now: Game-heavy pub snacks like emu meatballs and 12 burgers ranging from elk to camel (here’s the menu). Yes, the White Trash is still there. So are camel burgers, in case you missed it.

Then: An enormous pinwheel dubbed “The Wheel of Indecision” helped you choose from 32 draft beers and 100 bottles.
Now: A digital version sorts through 36 draft beers and 100 bottles via flat-screen.

Then: No giant photo of Bukowski’s head on a wall.
Now: That.

The head made it, friends. The head made it.

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