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This Downtown Vaudeville Lair Is Trouble

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No, that’s it. Just... warning.

Because soon enough, you must reckon with Stage American Vaudeville Nightclub, a gilded labyrinth of bars and stages with gin and half-naked people in equal measure, soft-opening on Christmas night in the Theatre District.

This used to be the Liquor Store. You may have ridden their mechanical bull. We’ll forget that happened, too.

Now, you’ll enter to find a long hall and a wall-length bar. Get a Bathtub Gin 75 with sparkling wine and non-bathtub gin there. Then, move on. Behind you, there’s a little red stage where a woman writhes Mata Hari–like. Maybe a tap dancer. In front of you, there’s a library bookshelf. Dead end.

Until it opens, Scooby-Doo-style, to reveal an immense room with molded ceilings and red leather banquettes straight out of Prohibition-era Atlantic City (here’s the slideshow). Suddenly, another three stages and three more bars exist.

There will be dancing. There will be flappers gyrating on a red-curtained main stage and a belly dancer belly dancing on another. And there’s a greater than average chance that someone in a gorilla costume will be moving through the crowd or doing acrobatics in a ring hanging from the ceiling.

Should be a nice quiet night out.


Stage American Vaudeville Nightclub
19 Boylston Pl
Boston, MA, 02130


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