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A Charming Little Wine Spot in Little Italy

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So far, January is doing exactly what you expected it to do.

Giving you lots of snow, arctic windchills and fledgling wine joints in Little Italy.

Nice to see you expect more from your Januarys.

To that end, welcome Bascule Wine Bar, a new place to feel the tender embrace of wood-fired mussels, black-truffle pasta and (soon) lots of good wine, soft-opening Wednesday. (Here’s the slideshow and here’s the menu.)

Fair warning: they won’t have their liquor license on day one (they’re hoping for Friday). Tough break for a wine bar, we know. But on the plus side, they’ve got plenty of other charms to keep you occupied while you wait.

The temporary BYOB situation helps. So does the way you can escort your date toward the back dining room, past those funky murals, and feel like you have the place all to yourselves over cheese plates and duck hash with foie gras.

Eventually, though, they’ll get that license and release (among other things) 135 wines upon you. You’ll find anything from the hearty and familiar like Napa cabs or one of six wines on tap to the hearty and not-as-familiar like mezcal hot chocolates.

This January thing just might work out after all.

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