Zin City

Boston’s First Belgian Waffle Truck

“In 2015, the streets of Boston shall be overrun with Belgian waffles.” —Nostradamus

As usual, he was right.

Thus concludes the prophecy of Zinneken’s Truck, the four-wheeled offshoot of a Cambridge waffle slinger that’s hoping to roll out by the end of the week.

You’ve heard this one before: boy grows up in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Belgium. Boy goes to Harvard, only to find an appalling lack of authentic Belgian waffles. Boy solves problem by opening a waffle shop in Harvard Square and then putting that shop on wheels. We should all be good now.

To start, they’ll be offering Liège-style waffles—soft and chewy, caramelized in Belgian sugar—with the light and crispy Brussels-style to come later. But they’re bringing all 10 topping combos from the brick-and-mortar shop with them.

So count on a blustery, midwinter day in the near future being saved by The Sin and its complements of banana and Nutella. Or the Oreo Freakin’ Party with raspberries, whipped cream and Oreos.

Then you might say, “I wish I had something, preferably hot and chocolaty, to wash that down with.”

Which is a long way of saying they’ll also have hot chocolate.

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