Short and Sweet

Some Choice Nuggets from 2014

“You were innocently walking down the street, unaware of your imminent collision with a banana peel, a cat on a skateboard and Danny Glover.”

That’s something we said this year. And it made complete sense at the time. In context.

Still, we’ve compiled a little something called The Year in Short, a treasury of some things we wrote about San Francisco in 2014... without any of that context. Just go with it.

“So that or 4,444 Priuses.”

“Wiggle your toes in the nonexistent grass.”

“That was a lot of apostrophes.”

You won’t be at some awkwardly small counter in some rustic beige tasting room with a lazy cat.”

The kind of sweater your morning-after might pick up off the floor and throw on without pants.”

“Let’s just get right to the part where you’re at a Big Sur redwood table.”

“It’s the classy kind of nude-woman drawing.”

“You might find sunflowers in cowboy boots.”

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