Short Circuit

A 2014 Retrospective, Without Context


You did a lot of things. And we said a lot of things about those things.

You may remember such things. Even when they’re presented completely without context.

So here it is. The Year in Short. Without context.

“Robert Mitchum smoking. Daryl Hannah petting a pig.”

“Create a rift in the space-time-fried-chicken continuum.”

“‘Pickle that.’ ‘Put a bird on it.’ ‘Cacao.’ Okay, we good?

“Look, nobody’s saying your chopstick dexterity is anything short of majestic.”

“Picture your laptop naked.”

“Other nights, you just want to dance backed by infinite laser beams, a live violinist and girls writhing on top of a giant cross.”

“Like a miner’s saloon wearing an ironic animal T-shirt.”

“When your night involves handcuffs and a samurai sword...”

“If anybody utters the word ‘Promenade,’ they are to be left behind and never spoken of again.”

“And Bruce Willis is a ghost.”

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