The Short of It

Looking Back at 2014 in Strange Excerpts

We’ve all overheard someone’s conversation a time or two. It’s unavoidable.

And occasionally, you’ll pick up on a few random gems like “It’s all fun and games until someone loses their banana” or “Tom Bergeron’s couch said so” without any kind of context or reference point whatsoever.

Sure, it might be none of your business. But... it’s also pretty funny.

So the following is kind of like that. The UrbanDaddy Miami year that was. Told without context. In something we’re calling The Year in Short.

And if you figure out what the deal is with Tom Bergeron’s couch, let us know.


“... because now you’re naked in a roomful of 200 other naked people, and whiskey will help.”

“Then you’ll realize it’s all very Rob Lowe’s closet circa Class in here, only way more French.”

“Then, you’ll crank out a few warm-up stretches and hit the field in your bubble while a DJ spins on the sidelines.”

Trick or taco.”

“You might find a burlesque dancer soaking in a tub of milk and cereal.”

“Between songs, an actress dressed like Grandma might ask you about your first time.”

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