Uptown Underground

The Under Years

A Prohibition-Era Lounge Seizes Uptown

None Important news on the time travel front:

In 2015, you’ll be able to rip through the notoriously hard-to-rip-through fabric of time and venture to a place called Uptown Underground.


That’s a new ’20s-style basement lounge and event space that’s both located in a historic Broadway building and fraught with late-night-debauching potential. It opens on New Year’s Eve.

So, this space. It’s... seen some things. Formerly home to one of Al Capone’s speakeasies, it was connected via an illicit underground tunnel to the Green Mill. Then it was a reggae club. But now, it’s a speakeasy again. Told you.

Your move: descend the club’s grand staircase. Survey the land. Don’t say something like “I have no idea what to expect down here.” Because you’ll already know. Because here’s what you can expect down there:

—Moonshine, absinthe and a bunch of classic cocktails. Many of which incorporate FEW Spirits, a distiller from the birthplace of the Temperance Movement.

—A gallery exclusively dedicated to 1940s pinup girls. Also, 10 vintage arcade games. You’ll allow them.

—A rotating cast of burlesque, cabaret and magic shows taking place on two different stages.

Poor magic stage.


Uptown Underground
4707 N Broadway
(at W Leland)
Chicago, IL, 60640

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