Ear Ye, Ear Ye

Of Course Someone Created Smart Earplugs

None Sometimes things are loud and you don’t want to hear them.

Maybe it’s a particularly boisterous family around the table.

Maybe it’s a neighbor with an extensive EDM playlist.

Maybe you don’t need a reason except for the fact that you’d just like some peace and quiet.

Take a second. Collect yourself.

Then pop these into your ears: Hush, a pair of noise-canceling earplugs that sync with your phone to become an alarm and things that play soothing sounds, now available for preorder.

We’re sure you have plenty of questions. Like:

What are you talking about?

But what’s so special about these ones?
They’re made out of memory foam, so they’re better than your average earplugs.

That’s it?
Well, no. You can also hear when you get texts or calls. And there’s that alarm we mentioned.

That’s it?
Fine. It also plays white noise or binaural beats to help you fall asleep.

Who made them?
Three engineers who really needed some peace and quiet and thought you might, too.

When would I even use these?
Sleeping, traveling, just wearing so you don’t have to hear people if you don’t want to.

Is that a joke?

Real mature.

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