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A Tiny Italian Joint on the Northwest Side

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The best part of this season: getting together with family.

Doesn’t even have to be your family.

Maybe it’s just some random family that knows how to make really good pasta and sauce.

Take the one behind BarTucci, for example. It’s a tiny new spot for advanced pasta twirling, and it opens Thursday in Dunning on the Northwest Side. (Here’s the slideshow.)

The key to this place is actually the place next door. That’s the family-owned business that’s been keeping restaurants in pasta for some time now. Then they decided, hey... restaurant. We should open one.

So the son took over the storefront next door and turned it into what looks like the bright and homey Italian kitchen of a long-lost relative. It only seats 40, and there’s rolling pins on the walls. What they’re trying to tell you: they make pasta.

It’s BYOB, so arrive with a bottle of wine in tow. From there, your night shall unfold thusly:

Start with the Drunken Octopus, a baby octopus sautéed in red wine. Move into some homemade beer fusilli pasta. Then share a rolled skirt steak dish that’s the pride of Italian grandmothers everywhere.

Then an Italian grandmother will probably tell you how thin you are.


3426 N Harlem Ave
(between Cornelia and Roscoe)
Chicago, IL, 60634


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