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John’s Place Is Now This Place

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And now, a story in three acts.

Dramatis Personae:
  • White Oak Tavern & Inn: an upstart Midwestern farmhouse situation that’s now open in Lincoln Park and determined to make it in the big city.
  • You: charming, sensitive, into whiskey and comfort food, hungry.
  • The date: a supporting yet essential role.
  • Hostess.
  • Ping-pong table.

Act I: Front Tavern

You enter a bar. You wonder out loud, “Hey, wasn’t this John’s Place?” You seem confused, because instead of baby strollers and yoga-panted brunchers, you see white linen chairs, an open kitchen and wraparound barn-wood walls.

Curious, you walk to the bar and order The German, a whiskey-tea-blueberry thing. You ask about a flight featuring whiskey aged in Italian aperitif barrels. But...


Act II: The Dining Room
Hostess opens farm door to reveal a comfortable little dining room. You’re presented with a menu detailing cider-braised pork collar and pan-fried trout with celery chimichurri. You opt for the burger with aged white cheddar and butterkase cheese. Fatigue hits. This could be the end...

Act III: The Inn
Suddenly, you remember you booked that 3,200-square-foot duplex attached to this place. Upstairs, housemade pastries and a ping-pong table await your arrival.

And a bed.


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