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Duck Dogs. Duck Cognac. Duck Everything.

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If you’re a duck, you may want to stop reading now.

This doesn’t end well for you...

Everyone else, welcome to The Duck Inn, a new South Side haven of comfort food and comfort cocktails that’s currently open in Bridgeport. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

This is from chef Kevin Hickey of Bottlefork and Rockit Ranch fame. He figured it was time to bring some duck-and-foie tamales, duck-fat hot dogs and duck-fat cognac drinks to an old tavern space in Bridgeport.

Inside, you’ll be embraced by the warm, comforting glow of mid-century-ness. They’ve got some of those atomic light chandeliers in the bar area. Perhaps you and a date could split some fried cheese curds under one of them.

Perhaps while drinking a rum-and-egg concoction called You Serious Clark? Suggested discussion topic: the appalling lack of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation–themed cocktails in the world.

But for dinner, you’ll probably retreat to the cozy wood-paneled dining room where you can opt for a four-course tasting menu that begins with clam stew and ends with sticky toffee pudding.

Though the rotisserie duck for two served with duck-dripping potatoes has “perfect date night” written all over it.

Weird that it involves duck.


The Duck Inn
2701 S Eleanor St
(at Loomis)
Chicago, IL, 60608


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