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“Home of the Wonut” Has a Nice Ring to It

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Going solo.

It worked for Beyoncé. It worked for Morrissey. It worked for Han.

And so we have nothing but high hopes for Wonuts, another single-named phenomenon embarking on its own path of waffle/donut domination, now open in Water Tower Place. (Slideshow, ahoy.)

You’ve probably already heard about these many-splendored little love children of donuts and waffles served at the Waffles café in Lakeview. A quick refresher: take a waffle. Deep-fry it. Coat it in something delicious. Poof. The latest way to say “Proud to be an American.”

Only now you don’t have to deal with the rest of the brunch nonsense in order to eat them.

This has important ramifications for your whole holiday shopping strategy. You should now plan on entering Water Tower slightly more stealthily—through the back entrance by the Ritz. Because right when you walk in there’s now a simple stand with no tables, no chairs and a bunch of Wonuts.

Simple, yes. But you’ll be heartily welcomed with red velvet numbers coated in thick icing and drizzled with walnuts and crumbled cake. With peppermint white chocolate cake waffle/donut hybrids. With a steaming cup of Intelligentsia coffee.

It all makes chairs seem so trivial.


in Water Tower Place
835 N Michigan Ave
(at Chestnut)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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