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A Very Burt Reynolds Auction

We’re not sure why Burt Reynolds is parting with a bunch of his personal effects in the <em>Property from the Life and Career of Burt Reynolds</em> auction, but that’s not the point. The point is: he is. You have until next Friday to bid. In the meantime: six of those effects worth considering...

His Smokey and the Bandit II Jacket
LOT #323

His <em>Smokey and the Bandit II</em> Jacket

The Item: That one red nylon jacket with the Trans Am logo patch on the chest that he wore in Smokey and the Bandit II. Size: medium.
Potential Uses: Layering in cold weather; Halloween costume; gifting to someone who’s a medium.

His Silver Arrowhead Bolo Tie
LOT #112

His Silver Arrowhead Bolo Tie

The Item: An incredibly Reynolds-like arrowhead bolo tie. It comes on a black braided-leather string, which we guess is nice.
Potential Uses: Pairing with a cowboy hat; pairing with snakeskin boots; pairing with a lot of confidence.

His Giant Kodiak Bear
LOT #417

His Giant Kodiak Bear

The Item: Why, it’s an eight-foot Kodiak brown bear that’s been stuffed and mounted to look like it’s slightly roaring.
Potential Uses: Placing next to your other stuffed and mounted bears; as a terrifying-for-no-reason teddy bear; as a weird back-scratcher.

His Black Satin Boxing Robe
LOT #17

His Black Satin Boxing Robe

The Item: A black Everlast boxing robe with a white sash and the word “BURT” emblazoned across the back. Just... Burt.
Potential Uses: Boxing; pajamas; alternative robe option for your Burt Reynolds–themed spa.

His Gold Pocket Watch from Sally Field
LOT #649

His Gold Pocket Watch from Sally Field

The Item: An 18K gold antique pocket watch that was gifted to him by Sally Field, is engraved with “To Burt Love Sally” and is stuck at about the 2 o’clock mark.
Potential Uses: Keeping in your pocket; majestically rubbing your fingers across; being right about the time twice a day.

18K Gold Pocket Watch Gifted by Sally Field, see it here

His Gold-Tone Gunsmoke Belt Buckle
LOT #148

His Gold-Tone <em>Gunsmoke</em> Belt Buckle

The Item: A rugged slice of Gunsmoke-related waist candy from the days when Sir Reynolds was on the black-and-white show.
Potential Uses: Holding up your pants; saying “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us”; but mostly holding up your pants.

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