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The Broncos’ Field, Now Your Field

86b6b6664c681859c6927c4f7a950e63Big day for watching football tomorrow.

That couch is just calling your name.

But—and we’re just spitballing here—maybe you’re also interested in a game you can actually play in.

On the same field where the Denver Broncos play...

Call an audible for A Touch of Football, your chance to play flag football on the Denver Broncos’ field in front of a real live audience of people who want to see you do that, now registering for game day on January 24.

All you need is a team of seven to 15 people. Friends are a good idea. But so are strangers who really want to play on Peyton’s home turf. Everyone’s welcome here as long as everyone’s pretty good at flag football (it’s semi-competitive).

And it’s a fundraising thing, so your team will need to... raise some funds to enter. Asking your boss: good idea. Stealing kids’ lunch money: bad idea. We trust you’ll figure it out.

Then, come January, you and your team will do everything the Broncos do—change in the stadium locker rooms. Barrel across the 50-yard line. Do some victory dancing in the end zone.

Of course, you could always just go as a spectator.



A Touch of Football

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