Lace Jam

The Broncos’ Field, Now Your Field

None Big day for watching football tomorrow.

That couch is just calling your name.

But—and we’re just spitballing here—maybe you’re also interested in a game you can actually play in.

On the same field where the Denver Broncos play...

Call an audible for A Touch of Football, your chance to play flag football on the Denver Broncos’ field in front of a real live audience of people who want to see you do that, now registering for game day on January 24.

All you need is a team of seven to 15 people. Friends are a good idea. But so are strangers who really want to play on Peyton’s home turf. Everyone’s welcome here as long as everyone’s pretty good at flag football (it’s semi-competitive).

And it’s a fundraising thing, so your team will need to... raise some funds to enter. Asking your boss: good idea. Stealing kids’ lunch money: bad idea. We trust you’ll figure it out.

Then, come January, you and your team will do everything the Broncos do—change in the stadium locker rooms. Barrel across the 50-yard line. Do some victory dancing in the end zone.

Of course, you could always just go as a spectator.


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