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Glasses Half Full

A Warby Parker Store in Hayes Valley. Finally.

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Online courtship can be so awkward.

You might think you like what you see, only to find out you really, really don’t.

Maybe it’s still best to just stick to the real world. Best to just walk into an actual Warby Parker store—the first one around is now open in Hayes Valley—and figure out where you want to make your next move. (See the slideshow here.)

You already know the brand. You might’ve already used their virtual try-on software and/or had a few options sent to your place from the website. But now...

It’s like a welcoming library in here. The magazines, journals and fully stocked bookcases for thumbing through. The chevron floors and leather sofas. The wide selection of handsome, vintage-y spectacles. The mural with the Tamale Lady looking down on it all. Yup, typical library.

Here’s how it’ll work. You’ll come in, try on a bunch of styles and frames, ask a few attractive strangers how you look, give them some friendly feedback wrapped up in a compliment, agree to meet up for coffee later after having made some tough decisions: round vs. square, gimlet tortoise vs. plum marblewood, The Paris Review vs. McSweeney’s...

Full day.


Warby Parker
357 Hayes St
(between Franklin and Gough)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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