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3D Custom Suiting in Jackson Square

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This might sound weird.

But you’re about to have every inch of your body scanned by a 3D camera.


We won’t ask about the first time, but this time you’re at Alton Lane, a scotch-stocked outpost of 3D bespoke suiting, taking reservations now for fittings starting tomorrow. (See the slideshow here.)

It looks like what you’d expect a refined suit showroom to look like: the sleek, reclaimed redwood on the walls. The leather sofa. The trunk stashed with cashmere-type goods. The bar. The wine room behind the sofa. The 3D scanner lurking in the corner...

Oh, that? It’s like a usual photo booth, only not at all. Once you’re in, the camera will create a digital body map of your measurements, which will be stored away for any future suiting requests. Then comes the part where you tell them precisely how you want your suit—which of thousands of rich fabrics like Dormeuil and Scabal you might want, whether anything needs to be monogrammed, all that.

And just know they’ve suited a couple presidents, so the finished product should work for any dinners, meetings, holiday parties and/or important speeches you have on the horizon.

Barring any filibusters.


Alton Lane
499 Jackson St
(at Montgomery)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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