Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market

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A Fish Market/Diner with a Giant Cereal Wall

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This is a dining establishment and fish market that also has a giant wall of cereal.



Okay, here’s more...

Drop anchor at Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market, a rather attractive new diner, deli and, yes, fish market situation with a bunch of cereal thrown in, which, God, was a great idea, now open in Lakeview. (Here’s the slideshow and here’s the menu.)

Once inside, you’ll have two choices:

Go left...
And you’re in the dining room. It’s big. It’s got hardwood floors and brick walls. And it’s where you’ll enjoy A) Belgian beers and one of 16 fish plates like the grilled Snake River sturgeon with bacon, or B) an all-day breakfast menu featuring the world’s only wall of cereal. That we know of, at least.

Go right...
And you’ve entered a full-on fish market. Pat yourself on the back for that. Then proceed to order an Alaskan king crab roll sandwich to go or a Sea Plate with your choice of fish, plus toasted Hawaiian sweet bread and two sides. They’ll send your five-ounce catch through an infrared oven powerful enough to properly cook a fillet in five minutes flat.

Yes, you can have a bowl of cereal while you wait.

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