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The Hot List: 2014 Holiday Parties

You’ve been given the awesome task of pulling together this year’s holiday shindig. Our sincere congrats... and condolences. But hey, on the bright side: a) you’ve got these five new spots to host your holiday blowout. Which means: b) it’s not at your place. Exactly.

Clyde at the SLS South Beach

Clyde at the SLS South Beach

You require: Sleek lounging. Smoked cocktails. Molecular gastronomy—you know, that old standby.
You’ll receive: A Philippe Starck–designed, indoor/outdoor space with views of the SLS pool, its very own bar and access to José Andrés’s culinary wizardry over at the Bazaar. Nothing says the holidays like yucca churros.

Holds 170, Clyde at the SLS South Beach, 1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-455-1853

The Private Dining Room at Siena Tavern

The Private Dining Room at Siena Tavern

You require: Meatballs. Wine. Fabio Viviani–ness.
You’ll receive: A private room with its own bar. A flat-screen TV. Access to an outdoor terrace with an olive tree. And an entire wall lined with wine bottles. It’s like they already know you.

Holds 150, Siena Tavern, 404 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 305-534-5577

All of the Rum Line

All of the Rum Line

You require: An endless stream of tiki drinks. Because it’s the tropics.
You’ll receive: An alfresco, rum-soaked soiree under twinkling bulbs and potted palms. Hemingway daiquiris: yep. Baby back ribs: sure. A Bermuda shorts–clad Santa: don’t.

Holds 100, The Rum Line, 1601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-695-0110

Private Dining at Altamare

Private Dining at Altamare

You require: Something cozy, nautical and teeming with oysters.
You’ll receive: Pretty much that. Oh, and the furniture in here: all movable. So you can share a few Kumamotos amongst friends and then clear the space for an impromptu dance-off. Blame it on the bivalves.

Holds 24, Altamare, 1233 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, 305-532-3061

Rooftop Deck at Kaskades

Rooftop Deck at Kaskades

You require: The holiday hot tub party to end all holiday hot tub parties.
You’ll receive: Not much. Just a sprawling rooftop terrace overlooking the New World Symphony that’s outfitted with a kitchen. Also the largest jacuzzi in the city. And that’s how you win the holidays.

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