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Big news today: the Thompson Miami Beach is open now. It’s a mid-century throwback of a hotel and... it’s pretty fantastic. In fact, here’s the slideshow.

And here’s what your evening there might look like:

7:00pm. You’ll walk into the lobby, under the massive crystal chandelier, and head out to the poolside patio.

7:15pm. See that little homey structure out back—that’s the 1930s House. It was an actual residence built in the (you guessed it) 1930s. The fireplace is original, but the Spanish clay tiles and hacienda-style bar are new. As are the tuna crudos and the añejo Old Fashioneds you’ll be starting off with. (See the menu here.)

8:30pm. About time for dinner. Some hibachi-grilled Kobe beef belly and Florida snapper at Seagrape should do the trick (it opens for dinner Friday and here’s the menu). Because Michelle Bernstein’s heading up the kitchen. And while a nightcap at the green marble bar sounds tempting...

11:00pm. ... you’re going to the Crown Room. It’s right upstairs. Julio Cabrera’s the mastermind behind the drink menu here, so order a Blackout Cocktail (but there’s other stuff, too), settle in with a good read from the bookshelf or chat up a comely stranger over cigars on the outdoor patio.

1:00am. It’s a hotel. We trust you’ll figure something out.

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