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A Big Heated Tent with Beer Forever

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You don’t want to be outside right now.

Not unless you’re under a heated tent with enough beer to last forever.

That worked out nicely...

Because here’s American Fresh Brewhouse, a year-round beer garden from the literal mom-and-pop brewers behind Slumbrew, opening tonight at Assembly Row. (See the slideshow here.)

Slumbrew. You’re familiar. It’s run by the married brewing duo responsible for those delicious hopped beverages you’ve probably been acquainted with in the not-so-distant past. Well, they’ve gone and created an outdoor beer wonderland.

And you’ll find it under a giant heated tent that’s not coming down anytime soon. Inside: a Wonka-like landscape of strung lights, Crayola-tone picnic chairs and shipping containers repurposed into bars and pop-up shops selling beer soaps and such.

You’ll come inside to get warm. But before you know it, you’re studying 10 tap lines and holding pints of Yankee Swap, their seasonal ale finished in oak rum barrels. They’ll look lonely without warm pretzels and beer mustards next to them, so you’ll get some of those, too. (Here’s the sample menu.)

And come January, they’ll have another shipping container where you can watch their team brew right in front of you.

You picked a good time to keep liking beer.

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