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Goodbye, Underbar. Hello, Candibar.

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When you were a kid, you got candy from strangers at the end of October.

But you’re an adult now.

So now, you’re getting candy from strange women inside of nightclubs.


Unwrap Candibar, a new Technicolor dance fortress for all your rhythm-based nocturnal needs, now open in the Theatre District. (See the slideshow here.)

In the very not-distant past, this was Underbar. And at first you might think you’re still there.

Until you notice the new stage. The new Tron-esque furniture. The new 10,000-watt sound system. The new lighting setup covering the walls and ceilings that projects 1.2 million colors in response to the rhythm and rising music decibels. Oh, and they moved the DJ booth.

You’ll come here to meet attractive strangers seated on heart-shaped stools or Rocky Horror–style lip seats. Yes, lip seats. Don’t overthink them. Just find an icebreaker like “Hey, look at those dancing girls covered in lollipops.” Or “There’s another girl holding a tray full of Twizzlers. I hope they’re the peel kind.”

Also of importance: a private stage that seats 25 and comes with a personal doorman.

And door, we assume.

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