Getting Warmer

These Five Warm Cocktails versus Fall

Hope you enjoyed last week’s dose of Indian summer. Because our sources predict that it may get colder from here. Luckily, you have two ways to beat the chill: earmuffs and warm cocktails. The list below does not concern earmuffs.

Winter Is Coming at Bambara

<em>Winter Is Coming</em> at Bambara

You Require: Brown liquor, fermented apple juice and the chance to say this out loud at a bar.
You’ll Receive: A glass mug filled with bourbon, cider, allspice, raw cane sugar and housemade cranberry bitters. Oh, and fresh sage. It’s all for nothing without sage.

$11, Bambara, 25 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, 617-868-4444

Café Sancho at Deep Ellum

<em>Café Sancho</em> at Deep Ellum

You Require: A hot coffee cocktail. Just not an Irish coffee. Mexican, on the other hand...
You’ll Receive: Tequila-spiked coffee with agave, mole bitters and Mexican-chocolate whipped cream. No word on decaf.

$11, Deep Ellum, 477 Cambridge St, Allston, 617-787-2337

Honey Apple Warmer at Legal Harborside

<em>Honey Apple Warmer</em> at Legal Harborside

You Require: Honey, but from a cocktail instead of a plastic bear bottle.
You’ll Receive: A warming mixture of Bärenjäger honey liqueur, Laird’s Applejack, spice box syrup, citrus and cloves. This is why bees are important.

Hot Buttered Dickel at Abigail’s

<em>Hot Buttered Dickel</em> at Abigail’s

You Require: Just the necessities. By which we mean whiskey and butter.
You’ll Receive: Tennessee whiskey served hot with nutmeg, demerara and butter. No, this will not be ordered “skinny.”

Spiked Tea at Limoo Tea Bar

<em>Spiked Tea</em> at Limoo Tea Bar

You Require: Tea time. But not like that.
You’ll Receive: Your choice of nine adult tea concoctions (like grapefruit gin tea and coconut whiskey milk tea) served in a carafe big enough to satiate you and a date. Never pass up a good carafe opportunity.

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