How ’Bout Them Apples

Five Cider Cocktails for Achieving Peak Fall

Now that it’s officially fall and all, you could get into the autumnal spirit by A) carving the nearest gourd in sight, or B) ordering any one of these local cider-based cocktails. Not pictured: C) making your own gravy.

Apple Brandy Sangria at Scholars

<em>Apple Brandy Sangria</em> at Scholars

You Require: Something summery. But in fall form. It’s hard to let go...
You’ll Receive: A white sangria containing cider, pear brandy, and fresh apples and pears. Then it’s topped with ginger ale. All of which probably cancel out the health benefits of white wine. Oops.

$10, Scholars, 25 School St, 617-248-0025

Cold Apple Pie at Tap Trailhouse

<em>Cold Apple Pie</em> at Tap Trailhouse

You Require: A slice of apple pie, but in alcoholic-drink form.
You’ll Receive: A tall glass filled with apple cider, apple pie cordial and cinnamon. Tastes just like the apple pie Grandma made. Maybe slightly less wholesome.

The Caramel Apple at Avery Bar

<em>The Caramel Apple</em> at Avery Bar

You Require: A proper response to your date saying “I’m cold.”
You’ll Receive: A warm concoction composed of apple jack brandy, bourbon, cinnamon, vanilla and mulled spiced cider, topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick in case everything else wasn’t late-September enough.

Rocky Top at Sweet Cheeks Q

<em>Rocky Top</em> at Sweet Cheeks Q

You Require: Something in a mason jar. You didn’t think you’d get out of here without a mason jar, did you?
You’ll Receive: That aforementioned vessel full of apple brandy, apple cider, apple pie moonshine and... vermouth. Hey, not everything in this world can be apple-based.

Sex & Candy at Hops N Scotch

<em>Sex & Candy</em> at Hops N Scotch

You Require: An apple cider. Or maybe a pumpkin ale. You can’t decide.
You’ll Receive: Both of those things in the same glass, along with some vanilla vodka and cinnamon thrown in for good measure. Which means you won fall and this is your prize.

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