Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar

Nipped in the Bud

Negronis, Pie, an Old Dining Car and a Back Bar

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You softly whisper “Rosebud.”

You’re either A) lamenting the loss of your childhood sled...

Or B) just excited for Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar, a resurrected 1940s diner that’s now a modern powerhouse of pies and barrel-aged Negronis, opening tonight in Davis Square.

We call the below “information.”

It’s like two restaurants in one. Up front: the Rosebud itself.
That’s the 1941 dining car, from the golden age of eating inside dining cars. It closed last year, but now it’s back with help from the guy behind Posto and the Painted Burro. (See the cherry-red leather boothing in the slideshow here.)

And the back is an actual building.
You’re coming for the 20-taps-strong bar and staying for the pie counter. You’ll know it by all the grapefruit caramel meringue pies inside. Otherwise, it would just be a counter.

The menu wants you to get weird.
You can ease into your night with a chicken-fried catfish sandwich... or really go for it with the Asian BBQ Hog Head that serves four. (Here’s the menu.)

It takes them 52 days to make a Negroni.
Like three other cocktails, it’s aged in an oak barrel.

It prefers to be called “mature.”

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