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An Opulent Labyrinth Dedicated to Sweat

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Nightclubs and gyms.

They’ve got a lot in common.

Scantily clad patrons. Thumping music. Energy drinks. Scantily clad patrons.

So it was only a matter of time before this happened: Anatomy at 1220. An over-the-top fitness mecca from nightlife veteran Chris Paciello. Yes, Chris Paciello. And it’s open now in South Beach. (Take a look right here.)

Few things you should take note of before dusting off the workout shorts:

This isn’t a Russian oligarch’s personal gym.
It just looks like it. Because you’ll do cardio and weights under crystal chandeliers, massive ivory columns and gold paintings before taking a breather on a tufted-leather banquette. Totally normal.

Speaking of taking a breather...
The eucalyptus steam room is a nice place for that. But you can also go the hot-and-cold-plunge-pools route before hitting the sauna. Or just grab a massage. Nothing wrong with that.

There’s an IV lounge here.
It’s by the VitaSquad crew. Your hangover’s familiar.

The rooftop terrace is pretty nice this time of year.
The white couches, potted greenery and bistro tables are perfect for a post-workout refueling session with that vegan yoga instructor.

Strictly for some pointers.


Anatomy at 1220
1220 20th St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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