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The Slide Ride Reaches Peak Fry in Avondale

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On Friday, Frite Street opens in Avondale.

It’s the brick-and-mortar spin-off of the Slide Ride, that happy little coach that drives around Chicago dispensing happy little burgers.

Now, welcome to a topsy-turvy world where the sidekick plays the star.

They’ll have some sliders here. But it’s mostly fries. French ones. Chicken-fried ones. Kimchi ones. Pulled-pork-topped-with-mac-and-cheese-topped-with-pickles ones.

It may alter your perceptions of reality, time, space and condiments. Herewith: the Five Stages of Frite Street.

1. Confusion.
You’re in the right place. It looks a little basic. Nothing more than a counter, a big picnic table in the center and a bulletin board menu. (Here’s the slideshow.)

2. Intrigue.
You’ll see 10 condiments on the counter. Mayo. Malt vinegar. Ketchup. Banana ketchup. Others. Mixing opportunities: endless.

3. Indecision.
You’ll be tempted to start with a sea-salt sprinkled Plain Jane. Though the Guinness Gravy Poutine may speak to you. As may a bacon slider. Yeah, you’re a little bit screwed.

4. Indulgence.
You’ll kick in a buck to add a fried egg to your fries or slider. You will.

5. Rationalization.
They weren’t burgers, they were sliders.

We’ll also accept: “There was a #5?”


Frite Street
3006 N Elston Ave
(at Wellington)
Chicago, IL, 60618


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