Captain Snook

Playing Soccer on a Pool Table

None Great pairings of the past century:

Billiards and soccer.

We were about to say something like “peanut butter and jelly” or “Thelma and Louise.”

But nope. Just billiards and soccer.

Achieve weird sports nirvana with Snookball, the inevitable marriage of pool and soccer that involves a giant pool table, regular-size soccer balls and a few adventurous souls. The whole setup is now available.

This is the result of two enterprising Frenchmen who likely enjoy both billiards and soccer. Or, less likely, had a bunch of soccer balls and a giant pool table lying around.

Either way, the rules are the same as pool. You have seven solids, seven stripes, one eight ball and one cue ball. You still have to get them in the pockets, but you play with your feet instead of pool cues.

So you’ll know exactly how to play when you have one of these large boards delivered to your backyard, great room or specially designed Snookball arena.

Oh, and there’s a special trick shot. It’s where you pocket one of your balls by kicking the cue ball over an opponent’s ball. It’s called a “fishy.”

Not sure how much time they spent on names.

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